13 November, 2010

The List

My roommate/MOH/bestie and I created a bucket list for our senior year of college. There were so many things around campus we realized we had not done yet. So, here's to creating memories and taking advantage of Clemson's beautiful campus, traditions, and experiences.

Our Bucket List:

  1. Go hiking.
  2. Eat lunch at the Esso on a Friday.
  3. A lot of Spill the Beans dates.
  4. Get our class rings.
  5. Tour the Tillman Bell Tower.
  6. Go to an away football game. 
  7. Go to more sporting events.
  8. Take pictures in front of all sports fields/facilities. 
  9. Go to Happy Hour downtown.
  10. Eat at Todaro's after a night downtown.
  11. Go to Mac's DriveIn.
  12. Write our name in a booth at TDs.
  13. Visit the Botanical Gardens.
  14. Take a picture with The Rock.
  15. Take a lot of pictures around campus. 
  16. Get a football jersey. 
  17. Get a picture with a football player.
  18. Slip-n-slide down Kite Hill/ or any other hill on campus. 
  19. Go to the Corn Maze.
  20. Carve pumpkins.
  21. Go on Santa's Sleigh ride in Greenville (with Becca!)
  22. Awesome Spring Break Trip!
  23. Tour Ft. Hill AFTER graduation.
  24. Read Thomas Green Clemson's plaque AFTER graduation.
  25. GRADUATE on May 13th, 2011 !!
  26. Photo document the checklist!


Kit said...

This is an awesome list! I wish that I would have done some of those things before I graduated!

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