15 February, 2012

Graduation Weekend

The time has finally come! RC graduated BOLC this past weekend! It was a really nice ceremony and we were so happy my parents were able to make the trip down! At the end of the ceremony we were able to take a look at both a Stryker and an Abrams; some of the fun toys RC gets to play with. (Don't quote me on that though- I'm like 95% I got the names right. Ha!) While RC and I were taking a picture together on the Stryker a lady called out "looks like the perfect Christmas card". I don't know if that's exactly the look we'll be going for come Christmas, but it definitely made me laugh!

I was and still am so proud of him. Unfortunately, there is no rest for the weary as he's started up another class that's comprised of a lot of field time. Maybe with a PCS coming up they'll give him a week or two off beforehand? Who knows.

Our weekend fun continued as we (RC, my parents, and I) decided to take the quick trip over to Auburn. RC and I have been talking about visiting Auburn since we got here. I'd heard before that Clemson and Auburn's campuses were very similar. In fact, it's even been quoted that "Clemson is Auburn with a lake". So that was my main motivation in wanting to go. I think RC's main reason was to see where Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Tim Hudson, and Cam Newton went to school and walk on the same grounds they did. :)  

I'd definitely agree about the similarities between campuses! There are less rolling hills at Auburn and newer buildings overall, but the orange brick buildings and small college town feel was dead on! In fact, Clemson's Tillman Hall and Auburn's Samford Hall were designed by the same architect. Overall, we loved our trip to Auburn. We got a box of Girl Scout cookies. RC "got his picture" with Cam Newton. And we got to see a beautiful campus! Also, I was so glad we were able to see Toomer's Corner before those poor trees die. Crazy Alabama fans. 

P.S. Clemson's stil prettier. :)
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