03 November, 2010

Welcome Back Normalcy

I am so relieved after an extremely productive weekend at home. Every day was jammed pack with wedding stuff from reception locations to taste-testing to wedding dresses and engagement pictures. But I can not tell you how relieved I am to have accomplished so much. With the Big 4 (ceremony location, reception location, catering, and DRESS!!) details in their final stages of planning I feel like I can relax and be me again. The rest of the little details with fall in place over time. Balancing schoolwork, changing our wedding date and overall just planning a long-distance wedding was becoming a little bit stressful. And I know I was not a pleasant person to be around.

Now knowing that I have:
1. a beautiful chapel to exchange vows in
2. a unique cottage on the water for our reception
3. a wedding dress I am absolutely in love with
4. a man I admire, respect, trust, and love immensely
should make me a happy, happy person! :) I am so blessed and I need to remember that! So welcome back, Normal Me and goodbye, Crazy Lady! I hope you stick around for quite awhile.


Nicole said...

You have gotten a lot accomplished! Good luck on all your wedding planning! :)

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