26 January, 2012

January Recap/PCSing and ACS Info.

RC is in the final weeks of his BOLC training which means lots of time in the field! It's crazy how fast time has flown by. It's definitely been one of those weird circumstances were it has seemed to drag on in the moment and then the next second you look up and wonder where the time has gone! I am so proud of RC and how well he has performed during BOLC. He is going to be such a great leader and officer. Plus, I know he is so ready to finally be in what I call "the real Army" and get out of GA! We only have to get through ARC and Airborne... then Germany here we come!

So what have I been doing while RC has been gone all this time? Well, working first of all. We've been trying to save all of my paychecks (our "fun" money) for traveling in Germany. Although at times I get frustrated sacrificing weekends with RC to work, I know having that extra money in Germany will be wonderful!

I've also been trying to plan as much for Germany as possible. I've gone through the medical screening, received my tourist passport, applied for my no-fee passport, and now we're just waiting to receive orders with my name included for travel!

In the beginning the process was very frustrating. RC went to a briefing and received some paperwork to begin the process. But it was very scattered and somewhat unorganized. Most of the phone numbers I had been given were wrong numbers and everything required an appointment. How exactly are you supposed to schedule an appointment when you can't get a hold of anyone? But with a little patience everything worked out.

Through my process I've definitely learned some information that I feel may be helpful to share. From my experience the Army isn't going to hand hold your hand through this process. You have to go out and figure it out yourself! The resources are there, you just have to utilize them!

Here are some of the resources that have helped me:

1) Get on Facebook and "like" your local installation's FMWR page! They are frequently updated and can keep you in the loop with things going on if you don't live on post. I found out about a PCS briefing on-post from the FWMR Facebook page, not from someone in the FRG or on post. 

2) Reach out to ACS! Army Community Services (ACS) hosted the PCS briefing and look at how helpful they were! ALL of this is information about going through a PCS as well as information on PCSing overseas. This information has been a lifesaver! I think your first PCS is going to be overwhelming, let alone PCSing to a foreign country; so I am a HUGE fan of ACS right now for providing all these resources.

So what did I come home with? Maps of European countries, multiple translation books, a menu translator, tips on living and working in Germany, a packet on the process of shipping your POV, contact information to schedule our move, the drivers manual for Germany (hello, I need to study!),  how to request a sponsor, and a lovely 74 page packet on our new installation. 
And all of this was FREE! 

So to say the least I'm a little relieved right now. I received a ton of information and no longer feel out of the loop. I was surprised to find out that I was on track and actually ahead of the curve with moving overseas. So maybe being a control freak isn't so bad! :)

Guten tag, everyone!

13 January, 2012

Georgia Happenings- Savannah

This past Thursday, January 12th, was my 23rd birthday! Unfortunately RC was in the field and we weren't able to celebrate together on my birthday, but no worries we definitely celebrated the weekend before. He baked me a delicious red velvet cake and surprised me with beautiful diamond earrings. 

On my actual birthday my mom and I met in Savannah. The last time I had been in Savannah was for my Sweet 16! My mom took my girlfriends and I to Savannah for the works- carriage ride, a trip to River Street Sweets, a yummy dinner, and shopping. We had a blast then and definitely as much fun 7 year later! 

River Street

More of River Street

The weather was perfect for walking around and we fit a lot into the day and a half we were there. The first day we walked around River Street and the City Market, bought these AWESOME new aluminum Coke bottles, and ate at River House Seafood. We ended up sharing fried calamari, shrimp & grits, and shrimp sauté! It was delicious!! Instead of a birthday cake I decided to just get a box of treats from River Street Sweats. We also stopped by Paula Dean's restaurant. The next day we did a little antique shopping and then hit the road to go home. 

Dinner: River House Seafood

Shrimp Saute

Paula Dean's Restaurant
Just me!

Savannah's suspension bridge(Talmadge Memorial Bridge) at sunset

My "birthday cake"

 I am so happy my mom and I got to spend time together on my birthday! We haven't been able to celebrate together since high school due to the spring semester always starting right around or on my birthday. I'm really loving the quality time I've been getting to spend with my family before our big move to Germany! Blessed!

05 January, 2012

Georgia Happenings- River Walk

RC got off work super early today and suggested we go for a walk around town. During my mom's last visit, we walked along the River Walk and had a wonderful time. RC had never been, because the boy works so darn much, so we decided today would be the day! It was beautiful weather and I so enjoyed the unexpected alone time with my love! Also, I should add he was a complete doll letting me take a ton of pictures along the way. 

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are enjoying the new year. I'll be spending the evening chowing down and watching my Clemson Tigers in the Orange Bowl. :)
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