28 November, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas decorations come to you courtesy of Walmart and Hobby Lobby! Lately I've been into the rustic feel and both stores had some great stuff! The cute pinecones on the tree were from Walmart and are actually clip-ons that fit right onto the tree branches. They were under a $1 a piece and I'm actually thinking about going back to get some more! Mr. Countdown Snowman is probably my favorite! I found him at Hobby Lobby and I think he's just adorable. (Obviously I took this picture a couple days ago because now we're even closer to Christmas! Yay!) Our Christmas decorations are definitely a little sparse, but I think that's something that will change the longer we're together! After all, this is only our first Christmas together! :) Next on my shopping list is to actually go out and purchase an 'Our First Christmas' ornament!
Also, on the Christmas note... I don't think I really need to go out and say it, but...
Michael Buble + Christmas.... can it get any better?


Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

Buble Christmas is a beautiful thing. :-)

If anyone doesn't have it already, you can download three of the tracks free courtesy of Beringer Wines --


ashleigh said...

listening to him right now!
ah in love!
i might have to buy the album!

Casey said...

I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY! And Mr. Michael Bublé. Got his Christmas album on blast all the time! I miss hobby lobby though...but yay, they ship to APO! Thank goodness, right?! Your holiday decorations look lovely, by the way!

Meghan Curtis said...

I love love love your decorations! So cute! :) We just got our tree yesterday. Hope y'all had a good weekend!!

Sar said...

To all who read this, you can't say you "might" have to buy the album, 'cuz it is my FAVORITE new Christmas album by far! Seriously, I cannot stop listening!

Also, your Christmas decorations are so darn cute!

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