28 October, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Oktoberfest
Two weekends ago, yes I am that behind in blogging, Ross and I joined friends at Octoberfest. It was nice little practice for Germany-- who am I kidding, it was more like a fair than Germany. But it was still a lot of fun. We bought funnel cakes, italian ice, and "Hillbilly Bob's Lemonade", loved up on our friends' dog and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

2. Fall decorations
It's not much, but I put up some fall decorations. I accumulated these while working at Yankee Candle. The wonderful thing about the YCC's Semi Annual Sale is they sell all the props for like 75% off. So, I spent maybe $3 for both pumpkins and maybe $5 for Mr. Scarecrow. He has creepy hands, but I still love him. I'd definitely like to add to my fall collection. I've bought a cinnamon broom- which is essential fall to me since my mom always had one. But trying to brainstorm what else to buy on the cheap! By the way, have I mentioned I'm not big on Halloween decorations? (or Halloween at all-for that matter) Am I the only one?

3. Recommendations
Okay so I've had this beauty (Canon Rebel T2i plus a 18-135 lens) since May. I haven't ventured out beyond the automatic settings and would love to really use this thing to its full potential! Does anyone have any resources they'd like to share about using a DSLR? Like changing the aperture, etc?


Rachel said...

Those little puppies are so cute!

The Pioneer Woman has quite a few good tutorials on her photography blog about aperture etc. I learnt a lot from her website!

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