13 September, 2011

When Is Your Time to Blog?

Now that RC and I are finally living together, we're adjusting our schedules and learning to live together. It's a fun transition with a couple growing pains involved here and there. But I'm loving married life!

Since I feel like our married life is just starting, almost 4 months in, I've started to blog more regularly. And I've started to find a pattern in my blogging. I've tried to be better about jotting down ideas that I think are "blog worthy" and scheduling my posts throughout the week. The PostIts on my desktop have become my new best friend. So, when do I actually sit down and blog?

Now that RC is back to the PT early morning schedule, he goes to bed pretty early. Too early for me. So I'll stay up an hour two later and find myself sitting down in the quiet to clear my head. It's been the perfect time for me to blog. I'd love to be the girl below sipping a coffee or tea early in the morning, but my head is far too cloudy then. So I'll settle for a "late" night session with a little sweet treat on the side. :)

Do you find there is a certain time of the day when the juices start flowing and blog ideas are shooting your way? Or just a time of the day when you finally have a few minutes just to yourself?


BeckyJo606 said...

I try to blog first thing in the morning...but I find myself often blogging late at night and scheduling it for early the next morning. I'd like to get up, have my quiet time, blog, and then go for a run. We'll see if I ever get that routine down! :)

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