07 September, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today marks one week that we've been in Army Town #1. And what a week it has been! This past week has been a lot of fun as we've figured out how to navigate around town/post, worked out at the amazing facility center on post, cooked some yummy food, and watched lots and lots of football. (Extra bonus: I caught up on my guilty pleasures... Keeping up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives.) It has been beyond amazing to spend this much time with my husband. I love living with him. :) I mean, really... how cute is he?

I also loved the time I was able to spend time with dear friends before we left for Army Town #1. Saturday night I was reunited with 2/3 of my roomies! We hit up TTT's, had a few beers, went to Spittoono's, and it felt like I was in college all over again. :) During my Clemson trip I made sure to bring back some Clemson Sushi for the hubby. Great wife, huh? ;) If you are ever in the Clemson area you seriously need to stop by Clemson Sushi. YUM! I just wish I had a picture to show you how delicious they are. Best flavor and biggest rolls I've ever seen. I love Clemson Sushi and just wish there would be one with us where ever the Army sends us!

Happy Wednesday, y;all!


Texas Tanners said...

College Football and Sushi? You are my kind of girl!! Stopping by from the link up, love your sweet blog. I am your newest follower. Happy Wednesday!

Eclectically E said...

Just ran across your blog from WILW and realized you talked about Clemson!! I graduated from Clemson in May. Such a small world!

Kit said...

YUM clemson sushi!!!

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