03 July, 2013

Another Move, Another Adventure!

USAG Schweinfurt is closing down so we're moving once again! Luckily it's just 2 hrs down the road.
We've accepted the offer for our new house, scheduled an inspection, and our movers are coming in 3 weeks!  

For our last 2 years in Germany we will be living on post. Something new for us! I'm really looking forward to it. Everything will be closer and RC will have a quick commute to work. We are on the 1st floor of a 2 story unit and have a great outdoor area. The inside hasn't been renovated and shows its age a bit. It has a really choppy floor plan, but we feel like the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. We are gaining an bedroom & bathroom and I will now have a full sized American oven! The kitchen overall is bigger and like I mentioned earlier we LOVE that we will finally have a yard. We can also kiss transformers goodbye because on post housing has both 110 and 220 outlets! 

I'm sad to say goodbye to Schweinfurt, but I'm looking forward to making Grafenwoehr our home.

Here's to another move and another adventure!


The Baurs said...

You will like living on post! Chad and I just moved on base and we like it a lot so far! It takes him like 1 min to go anywhere or be home. I would think especially overseas it will have many advantages! :) ps.... I read your blog lol!

Emily Walsh said...

Hi Emma! I just got done checking out your blog and just wanted to say that I love it! I could imagine that moving around so much can be stressful, yet exciting at the same time. Being that you are a military wife, I had a quick question and was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks! – emilywalsh688 [at] gmail [dot] com

Emily : )

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