18 June, 2013

Spanish Civil War Tour & La Sagrada Familia

Saturday marked our first full day in Barcelona. At 10 am we met up for a Spanish Civil War tour. 
It was ranked #4 for activities on Trip Advisor and had some fantastic reviews... 

"What a way to revisit the Barcelona of the civil war period. Nick's knowledge and his sense of the drama of the time are brilliantly imparted in this entertaining and very moving tour of significant sites near the Rambla, and Gothic Quarter relating to the period. His use of quotations (often from memory) and photos and even sound recordings greatly enhances the journey back in time, and his knowledge on the subject is encyclopaedic. If you want to do more than scratch the surface of tourist spots in Barcelona, this tour is for you" 
jgsSydney_Australia from Trip Advisor

Nick truly was a fantastic tour guide. It didn't really even feel like a typical tour- much more informal, and much more interesting! I loved the way he would use modern technology to bring back to life the events during that time. My favorite was the recording of the revolutionary song he played while walking along the Las Ramblas. 

Here's Nick using his iPad to show pictures of the church before, during, and after the war. 

Some of my favorite pictures of Barcelona were taken during this tour!

The tour concluded at a bar where everyone stops for drinks, a little air conditioning, and a mini Q&A session. After the tour was officially over we stopped by a tapas bar and had a quick lunch. We then made our way over to the La Sagrada Familia. We didn't do the tour inside simply because there wasn't enough time in the day. 


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