15 May, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Almost 5,000 miles traveled in two years.
1 Trans-Atlantic move. 1 deployment. 1 reintegration.
There is no one else I would rather be on this adventure with than you. 
I am so looking forward to our third year of marriage. 
To have you in my arms. To see what kind of memories we make. To see where we travel. 
I'm looking forward to making up for those 9 months we were apart. 
We have been given a blessed life and I love living it with you. 

I'm so glad we said "I Do".  :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you said "I do" too!

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet! Congrats and happy anniversary!

Jenn said...

Happy anniversary! Such a great photo of you two. :)

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