18 January, 2013

Sail Away with Me

Yup, this is going to be us in less than 100 days. We just booked our block leave trip and we're going on a CRUISE
Traveling in Europe is amazing, but in my opinion a cruise is the PERFECT vacation for RELAXATION
And after 9 months of separation that is exactly what we need. Hello, 2nd honeymoon!

Labadee, Haiti + Falmouth, Jamaica 
George Town, Grand Caymen + Cozumel, Mexico 



Ashleigh Day said...

Jealous of you two! Wish I was going :)Do you have Instagram girlie? If so I would love to follow you! I hope you both have a great time together with one another.

Corie said...

We're going on our honeymoon in April (over a year later..) and it's a cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman!

Meghan Curtis said...

Ohhh this is amazing!!!! I'm so glad you guys are doing this! XO

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