13 June, 2012


This past Friday the volksfest came to town. Most major towns in Germany have a certain time of the year, every year, when the volksfest comes. I didn't have a clear idea of what it was going to be like and when we first walked in I was like "oh this is just like the Coastal Carolina fair at home", kind of disappointed.  It has the typical rides like a ferris wheel, swings, and the scrambler, but then I realized that's where the similarities ended. The food, oh my goodness, THE FOOD! Although it's nice to have a deep-fried Twinkie and Oreo back home, I think I'll take a German pretzel the size of my face any day of the week! 

RC and I went the opening night and enjoyed liters of Festbier, pretzels, white chocolate covered strawberries, and gelato. Then just a few days later my parents came to town and we went again! There were so many different kinds of food that I think we could eat there again the next couple nights, and I wouldn't complain. :)

I should also note there was still a lot of traditional German flair! People wore lederhosen and dirndls. There was a huge tent with rows and rows of tables. Inside they had a German band (that played Sweet Home Alabama WHILE wearing lederhosen. Don't get me started! I'm still not used to their obsession with American music.), restaurant style food, and a pole in the middle of the tent where if you climb to the top and ring the bell you drink for free all night.


Casey said...

Aren't German festivals like THE best thing ever?! German's love any excuse to have a party! What a nice treat to have your parents with you!

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