09 May, 2012

Update from Deutschland!

It's hard to believe that as of today we have been in Germany for a whole week!
Here we are in the Baltimore airport where we waited NINE hours for our flight to Germany. 
Why so long? Well this guy decided to make a trip to Afghanistan so air control had to delay all traffic coming into the AFB. For us it was a 3 hour delay. Apparently this time his arrival was so top secret and no one knew he was even coming until Air Force One was in the area. Crazy, huh?

    • Monday:  drove from Atlanta to Columbus, dropped off our car to be shipped, stayed the night in Atlanta & spent time with RC's family
    • Tuesday: flew out of Atlanta, arrived in Baltimore, waited and waited and waited, flew out for Germany that night.

    • Wednesday: ARRIVED in Germany, missed our shuttle from Ramstein to our new home, stayed in a German hotel, experienced German food for the first time, and slept!
    • Thursday: at 3 am we were introduced to jet lag and didn't go back to sleep, took a 3 hour shuttle to our new home, met our sponsor once we arrived, checked into our hotel, and ate downtown!
    • Friday: Got prepaid phones, a Community Bank account (which is so helpful when paying rent!), and our APO mailing address. Anyone want to send a care package? ;)
    • Saturday: Continued our battle with jet lag and slept from 3 am to 1 pm. Took a taxi downtown. By this point we were tired of schnitzel at German restaurants so we went to an Italian restaurant in the marktplatz which is where their historic townhall is located. I don't have many pictures of their downtown area yet, but I'm working on it!
    • Sunday: Found out we had a kitchen in our hotel and started cooking dinner there instead of eating downtown.
    • Monday: RC began in-processing and I went to SNAPS, a newcomers awareness program that ACS puts on every month! It was perfect timing and I am becoming such a huge fan of ACS (Army Community Services). They are so incredibly helpful! 
    • Tuesday: Same thing... in-processing and SNAPS. Found out Ross is officially deploying.
    • Wednesday
      • Skipped SNAPS TO TAKE MY DRIVER'S TEST! And I passed. So I can now drive in Germany! Now I just need a car to drive, ha! Our's shouldn't arrive until mid-June so we will probably be renting until then.
      • Went by the housing office and picked 2 apartments to go look at! AH YAY! Due to RC's rank we have to live on the economy (in actual German neighborhoods), aaaand there's a shortage in housing/apartments here right now since their economy is doing so well. So I'm interested to see what the apartments will be like. We're wanting to stay as close to post as possible so we know we'll be looking at less square footage meters. Fingers crossed that we can find something quickly! Some people stay in the hotel for a month until they find something, and we just don't have that much time before RC leaves. Wish us luck! 


Corie said...

I'm glad you made it there safely! And I can't wait to hear all about life in Germany, but I hope he doesn't deploy so soon :/ I would freak! Lol

jubs said...

So glad you are doing this blog. Facebook me your APO address so we can send you goodies.

Meghan Curtis said...

Send me your address!!! And any USA requests! Haha... love this post!

Casey said...

Ahhh you're here!! Willkommen im Deutschland!!! Hopefully we will run into each other one day! :) Have fun and I hope you're getting settled here nicely!

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