30 December, 2011

2011: A Year In Pictures

January brought us birthdays and snow.

February and March brought us no pictures. I blame wedding planning, working, and going to school. Good enough excuses, right?

April brought us RC's last dine-out, cookouts at Lake Hartwell, and Easter celebrations.

May brought us so much joy with our graduations, wedding, and honeymoon!

June brought another lonely summer as the Army took my boy away. My remedy? Hugging sweet babies and hanging out with close friends. :)

July brought the discovery of sweet notes my love had left behind for me.

August brought the creation of our iPhone infatuation and my last weekend in Greenville

September brought us to Army Town #1 where we experienced our first "icebreaker" and met some dear friends that have helped GA feel a little more like "home".

October brought... what else... Octoberfest!

November brought RC's birthday, a trip to the Infantry Museum, and Thanksgiving.

December brought us a ski-trip, Christmas, and cherished time with family!

Goodbye 2011 you were too good to us!
Please bring us more of the same 2012!


Sar said...

<3 Such a beautiful year for you! Here's hoping 2012 is even more incredible!

Valerie Griffin said...

I'm SO glad that you stumbled across my blog, bc I'm LOVING yours. Excited to be your newest follower :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Definitely looks like an awesome year!!

Swallow's Heart said...

So cute! Happy 2012!!

Recently Roached said...

Looks like a wonderful year! We have a lot in common with 2011 being the best year of our lives! :) Hooray for graduation/marriage!

Leenie said...

I enjoyed reading about the recap of your year. It's so fun to look at the pictures to see what you have done throughout 2011. Im excited to read more about what this year has to offer ya!

Michaela said...

You had an AMAZING 2011! Hope your 2012 is just as great :)

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