19 January, 2011

WILW + Wedding Wednesday

I can definitely tell you what I'm loving today... GOOD NEWS!

Yesterday, amid a day full of class, I was surprised with some FABULOUS news! My wedding dress is in! An entire month earlier than expected. I am so excited and ready to go home for a fitting. :) So, with the exciting news of my dress' arrival, my mind has quickly flipped from sociology reading to wedding planning! Only 115 days! :)


Anonymous said...

I love lilly's! My daughters name is Lillian so for Mothers Day and her birthday my hubby always buys them for me to thank me for being her Mommy! Love the heels!

Amanda Money said...

Hi! I'm a new to your blog but I found you on the WILW linkup. So excited you got your wedding dress in. I have been married for about 4 years and married my high school sweetheart. I love weddings! If you get a chance check out our family blog at jordanandamandam.blogspot.com

Kendall said...

Love love love the heels! I wore some fabulously tall blue heels for my wedding, but like you said I couldn't do them all night so after pictures and the ceremony I changed into my favorite pair of boots that I love to dance in. And to keep on my something blue my hubby surprised me with new cute fluffy blue socks! It was the best of both worlds!!!

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