03 April, 2013

Skiing the Austrian Alps

We skied and snowboarded for two days in St. Johann in Tirol at Berg Bahnen. Surprise, surprise- but skiing the Austrian Alps did not disappoint. Definitely the best skiing of my life. The snow was perfect even for late season, spring skiing. The runs were probably on average 15 minutes long. Amazing compared to the short runs we were used to on the east coast on the Appalachian mountains. The first day we got our "ski legs" back and mostly stayed toward the bottom half of the mountain. I have to admit I was a little timid to go to the top of the mountain in THE ALPS. Ross probably would have gone all the way up on his second run, but by the end of the day we made it to the top of the mountain and it wasn't that bad. Turns out we're not shabby skiers/snowboarders for east coast Americans. :) We held our own and didn't embarrass ourselves by falling in front of these European pros. 

Added benefit of skiing from the top of the mountain..... the view. 

We also took a couple videos on my waterproof Olympus camera. It's an older camera and not the best quality, but I'm still glad we decided to film our trip. In the first video Ross started filming at the top of the mountain. Amazing video! The second video I took of Ross snowboarding down the bottom half of the mountain. Enjoy! :)

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